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Message of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Blessed Virgin appeared in Tepeyac, Mexico, to San Juan Diego on Tuesday, December 12, 1531, barely ten years after the conquest of Mexico. The mother of God came to make the gospel known to her children — both to natives of the new continent and to the Spaniards, many of whom were setting a bad example. She wanted to "show and give all my love and compassion, help and defense, for I am your pious mother."

As proof of her visit the Virgin miraculously made precious roses of Castile to appear in Tepeyac and that her image would remain permanently in the tilma of her servant.

For four days, the Virgin communicated with Juan Diego, speaking to him in his own language, the náhualtl. To identify herself, Maria used the word "coatlallope"; A compound noun formed by "coatl" (snake), the preposition "a" and "llope" (crush). She is "the one that crushes the serpent." Others reconstruct the name as "Tlecuauhtlapcupeuh" which means: "The one that precedes the region of light like the eagle of fire." The word sounded in the ears of the Spanish friars as "Guadalupe", name of the invocation the conquerors knew well since there is a basilica in Spain in her honor since 1340. The Virgin communicated in a way that the Indians understood as well as the Spanish!

The Virgin of Guadalupe gave to the Indian Juan Diego a treatment of nobility, elevating prophetically the condition of all the natives. The Lord "casts down the mighty from the throne and exalts the humble." At the same time, Our Lady brought reconciliation between the natives and the Spaniards. She helped them both to understand that the Christian faith is not owned by anyone but is a gift of love for all. The Virgin asks Juan Diego to go to the bishop, Fray Juan De Zumárraga, Franciscan. In this way, the Virgin teaches us to submit to the legitimate authority that Jesus established in the Church.

The image that appears over the native ayate is a true Mexican codex, a message from heavens loaded with symbols, a catechesis. Her bowed head and her praying hands teaches us that she is not a goddess but the humble and prayerful "Mother of the true God by whom one lives." The ribbon over womb shows that she is pregnant. She is all tender love ... It is not a painting but a miraculous image that "floats" on the tilma. Their eyes are alive and in them is still the image of the meeting with the bishop.

Our Lady of Guadlupe propitiates the evangelization of the continent

The missionaries had little success in spite of their intense work, largely because of the poor example of the conquistadors. But the Virgin of Guadalupe presents herself as a native woman and taught them that the gift of faith is for all without distinction. Outcome: In the 7 years after the apparitions, 8 million natives converted to the Catholic faith. This represents an average of 3000 daily conversions. If we remember that by the preaching of St. Peter on the day of Pentecost 3000 men were converted, we can see that the Virgin began a true Pentecost that lasted 7 years.

The Virgin of Guadalupe continues to guide us to Jesus. The miracles obtained by her are so extraordinary that one cannot but exclaim: "The divine power is here." Almighty God is pleased to pour out his gifts through the one whom He chose to be his mother.

Today her presence and help are as necessary as ever. To a world that has lost its way, she says:
 "Juanito, the smallest of my children, where are you going? ..."

We need to receive her words and apply them to our situation:
"Hear and understand, my son, the smallest, what scares and afflicts you is nothing, do not disturb your heart, do not fear that illness (of his uncle), nor any other illness and anguish. Am I not here, me that I'm your mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not in my lap? What else do you need? Do not worry or shy away over anything else; Do not grieve the illness of your uncle, he will not die of it now: be assured that he is healed ... My son, the smallest one, go to the top of the hill, where you saw me and I gave you orders, you will find that there are different flowers; cut them up, gather them, pick them up; then come down and bring them into my presence."

The only hope of humanity is to open our heart with her to receive her son and yield to the miracle.

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