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Pilgrimage to Mexico of the Love Crucified Community

Dec 7-13, 2016.    Part II

  You will learn here why Father Felix is so significant to our community. He had a profound spiritual union with Venerable Conchita Cabrera de Armida. He recognized the authenticity of what the Lord was doing with her and embraced fully the vocation to found with her the Works of the Cross. They are two with one heart.  Born in France in 1859, Felix became a Marist priest for the missions (1887). His first mission was to Colombia, where his zeal for souls was put to the test by the enemies of the Church. After six years, in 1902, he moved to Mexico. It is said that "he could not say farewell to Colombia without his soul bleeding."   On the 4th of February 1903 he met Conchita. She had gone to confession early that day, but when the trolley car in which she traveled passed by a church, she felt the urge to go again. At the confessional, she providentially met Fr. Felix, who had just finished a novena to the Holy Spirit asking to be a fervent priest. Conchita read his soul and could see his desire to grow spiritually. She knew that he was the priest chosen to found with her the Works of the Cross. 

  Father Felix:
  "After a few words, Conchita began to speak to me about my soul for two hours, from ten to twelve, confident of herself and as if Our Lord inspired her, telling me of my interior life, what she did not like in me (without ever having met) I knew in my soul clearly the truth of the things that were said to me and this gave me confidence in my new penitent. When Our Lord gave me knowledge that I had to trust her, she began to speak to me about the Works of the Cross (at that time she had only founded the Apostleship of the Cross and the Sisters of the Cross.) She told me about the spirit of these Works and suddenly it seemed so beautiful that the idea came to my mind of ​​a Congregation of men, a sister congregation with the Sisters of the Cross. Suddenly I said to Conchita:
— Is there an Oasis of men?

— "No," she replied, "but there will be, because Our Lord has said that after the women are approved, the one for men would be founded, both to support priests."

  Fr. Felix´s decision embrace this new vocation cost him much rejection, ridicule and false accusations -even from his own brother who was also a priest. A year after meeting Conchita, they sent him back to France where he obediently trusted in God as he remained faithful to what God had done.
Fr. Felix writes about the letter he received from his superior, the general of the Marists: "I was strictly forbidden to communicate with Mrs. Armida, either directly or indirectly". 

  After ten years, Conchita persuaded bishop Ibarra to ask for his return to Mexico. He arrived during the Cristero war and went straight to Conchita to tell her that he was ready for the Works of the Cross. In 1924, 21 years after they had met, they founded the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit at top of Tepeyac, where we saw the Cross. God puts his own to the test to make them ONE with Him.

L.C. family praying at the tomb of Fr.Felix.
The sign on the wall is from Jn.6:49, "Your fathers eat the manna in the desert and died." To believe that God gave manna in the past is not enough. Fr. Felix believed that God was doing wonders in his own life and he responded in faith with great trust, humility and audacity. He is one of our patrons in L.C.

Visit to the Cathedral of Mexico

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe 
On her feast, Dec 12

Pilgrims come from all the towns of Mexico, many walking for days, bringing statues and banners. Their sacrifices are an example to us. Jesus surely looks at them with profound love but also with sorrow for many are like sheep without a shepherd. They are attracted to their Mother but they need someone to guide them to the fullness of faith.

We of the Love Crucified Community came from 6 states of the USA and Colombia, but in our hearts, we brought the entire Community, our families, and the whole Church. We, too, must come humbly seeking the help of our Mother.

The old basilica (left), home for centuries to the tilma of Guadalupe until it was moved to the new basilica (right) on Oct. 12,1976.

Our Mother is the woman of Revelation: The sun radiates behind her, the moon beneath her feet, the stars are her mantle... Also, the praise of the surrounding angels was discovered based on the notes deduced from the position of the stars and flowers on her tunic.

Message of Our Lady and its importance 🔗

Christ receives the blow to protect His mother!
On November 14, 1921, a man approached the image of Our Lady and placed a bomb hidden among flowers. The explosion did not cause her any damage, and did not even break the glass that covered the image. Instead, the impact of the explosion was received by the crucifix that was next to her and was left in the condition that we see in the photo.
The Lord has told us that the Missionaries of the Cross must be like a bronze wall to protect and defend the Mothers of the Cross. Now, we can also say that we must be like that crucifix, which represents what He did. As Jesus died for His bride, the Church, we must give our lives daily for her. The enemies of Christ pass away, but He remains. Today a larger crucifix stands guard next to Our Lady of Guadalupe.


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