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Apostles of light as St. Paul

My Missionaries of the Cross are My apostles of light as St. Paul. They will preach My love crucified as one with St. Paul. St. Paul and St. John are their patron saints. They will become one with Love Crucified as St. Paul, therefore, their lives will be a living testimony of My crucified love and the power of the Cross. They will love Me and all with the tenderness of the heart of St. John. They will possess zeal and love…. The Heart of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is all power and tenderness. The hearts of all men must grow in the power of God and the tenderness of God. This healing will come about through the Holy Spirit and Mary Most Holy. Therefore, consecrate yourselves to the Holy Spirit daily through His spouse, Mary Most Holy. The prayers and sacrifices of love of the Mothers of the Cross will be My channel of healing grace for the transformation of My sons’ hearts. 3/18/11

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