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Identity of a Mother of the Cross —Part I

Note: This text are supplemental notes, not a complete transcription of the audio.

To get a fuller and richer understanding of this teaching, we recommend you listen to the audio.

Words from the Lord to a Mother of the Cross

Be My Companion / Collect My Tears

2/18/13 Cf. Mt 35 I desire for you to be My companion in this time of great suffering; to remain with Me.... To collect My tears shed for all of humanity. You have been chosen to be ONE with Me, My consolation, during these end times. This is your identity as a Mother of the Cross.

(I asked Jesus how to live as His companion of love. It is easy when I am in prayer and He allows me to feel His presence and see His gaze, but during the day there are so many distractions...)

Be attentive to each person you encounter in your life. I live in them. I suffer for them and with them. This is My Body (Mt 35:31-41). My little one, have the docility of heart to receive the brokenness of all people into your heart as ONE with Me. This is participation in the love of the Trinity: to receive the wounds of your brothers and sisters and to give the sacrifice of your life, as ONE with Me, for their salvation and sanctification. This is Love.

Live Who You Are. Believe. 5/30/13 “Believe, My family (LC), in the hidden force I have revealed to you. My hidden force is My Eucharistic Life. Live, who you are called to be, as My living hosts in the world. This is the power of God, the fire of the Holy Spirit, that will set the world ablaze. Believe in the hidden force as the POWER OF GOD. The hidden force is the fire of My blazing Love. Live the martyrdom of solitude I am now revealing to you as ONE with Me. This most intimate union of suffering with Love and for Love will bring forth new life. Live as My hidden martyrs of love for these decisive times. Believe in the POWER OF GOD contained in THE LIVNG HOST.”

Be My Companion of Love / Tears 2/15/13 I desire to draw you into the depth of My Sacred Heart to immerse you in Love. Enter into the deep, My little one. Enter into the ocean of My mercy. Come My little one and be My companion of love. Be with your God and Savior as I enter My agony again. The time has come when the Father will turn His gaze from the world. My Mother and I will cry for you (humanity), Who will remain faithful during the great and terrible persecution? Remain with me and collect My tears to present them to the Father for you have found favor with Him.

The Martyrdom of the Heart Conquers 11/9/12 The martyrdom of the heart is the martyrdom of suffering with Love and for Love. My daughter, if you could only understand the fruit of the martyrdom of suffering you would desire nothing else on earth. The hidden life of suffering with Love and for Love is of far greater worth than great and small works tainted with human recognition. Believe in the hidden force contained in the martyrdom of the heart. This is the purest fragrance of love that has the power to conquer the enemies of God.

Your Life is an Oblation 11/21/12 The harvest is ready to be harvested. The wheat will be separated from the weeds, but the wheat that has grown interwoven with the weeds will be cast out to burn in the fire of God's justice. Your life no longer belongs to you. It has become an oblation pleasing to the Father to free many souls from their entanglements with sin. Your life has become a living sacrifice with Me to set many free while there is still time. Live who you are as My sacrifice of living love.

Remain With me in my Agony 2/20/13 The time is short. My little one, I am living My agony of love for My Bride, the Church.I am alone; few remain with Me awake, attentive, concerned for the Heart of their God who cries for them. Will you too fall asleep as I continue to ask you to remain with Me collecting My tears for humanity?

Live Love with the Victim of Love 6/9/13 I want you to live with all your love, with all your strength, with all your might as My living force. Suffer with Me in the hiddenness of your heart. Cry with Me for your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Do not grow weary in living with Me the sorrows for a humanity that has lost their way. God in His infinite mercy will bless the multitudes through His holy remnant of victim souls. Do not fear to proclaim the power in suffering with the Victim of Love. Live who you are as My prophet of light. Be still and know that I am with you. Enter and find refuge in Me.

Mary's White Army 7/17/13 Mat 11:25-27 "You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike."

The childlike innocent will inherit the Kingdom of God. My little one, the decisive battle for the salvation of the world is about to be waged. The greatest forces of evil are almost all in place. Many lives will be lost. This is the battle I have been preparing you for, My little one. It will be won by My pure victims of love. These have the innocence of a child in their love for Me. These trust in the power of My sacrifice of love. These unite to My sacrifice as one with Me to obtain grace for the world. These are Mary's white army. This army will wage war against the principalities of death and win. Allow Me to detach you from all things so that you can become one with God.

With Mary, Pray for My Priests 11/9/08 "As Mothers of the Cross, pray for My beloved priests as you pray for your sons. Give your lives for them as you give your lives for your children. Your voices (Mothers of the Cross) are united as one with My Mother before the throne of God. Your lives united in Mary are bringing down graces upon My priests."

Prayers reach heaven 11/24/08 "The prayers of the Mothers of the Cross are heard by My Father in Heaven. They are a sweet fragrance that reach heaven. These mothers are My Father's white lilies. They have been purified in My blood... Believe, My daughter, believe."

Living Chalices 6/13/09 The mothers of the cross are my maidens that united to me will renew the priesthood. Your “fiat” to be victim souls will be perfected in my “Fiat”. Your lives will be a holy cloth that soaks up the precious blood of Jesus. In this way, you will become pure living chalices filled with the Blood of Jesus. You will live your *hidden lives like me in prayer, sacrifice and suffering. Your hidden lives lived in your domestic monasteries will be a source of grace for the sanctification of priests.

You will imitate to great perfection my virtues of humility, simplicity, gentleness, silence and charity. You will be women of an intense prayer life centered in the Eucharist.Your lives will be a continuous prayer offering as you offer up your daily sacrifices and duties on the altar of your homes. As you love in suffering imitating Jesus and I you will be our joy and consolation.

Servants perfected in Hidden Life 5/31/11 The MOC are the joy in heaven. They are the most pure servants of the Father.  It is through the hidden life of the MOC that My army of holy priests will be raised up.These spiritual mothers will live the tears and sorrows of their hearts united as one with My Mother of Sorrows. It is My Mother’s sorrows that continue to shower grace upon the world, and as My MOC unite as one with My Mother, the shower will become a living torrent of grace. Therefore, each MOC must be perfected in living her hidden ordinary life with all its trials, sorrows, exhaustion…. with pure love and in this way she will find her joy; the joy of knowing that she is participating in the hidden sorrows of My Mother for the salvation of many souls. Allow My Mother to form each of you, My daughters. It is Rosa Mystica that wants to form your gentle hearts. Mary reveals the sorrows of her pierced heart that continue to remain hidden and the roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance. You must imitate Mary in this way. Your lives will become the sweet fragrance of prayer and your sacrifices and penances will be lived in the most ordinary of your duties as women. Your lives as My victims of love will go unnoticed by the world but seen by the eyes of the Father. He will use your hidden lives of love to humble the proud. Know that you are My consolation.

Martyrs of Love possess Power to Raise Army 6/28/11 My daughter, I desire souls to participate in My interior crucifixion as ONE with My Mother. It is in this way that you will obtain the greatest amount of graces for the world. A time of great destruction is coming to the world; it is My hidden martyrs of love that the Father will use to aid many to the Light. It is My hidden martyrs of love that possess the power to raise up My army of holy priests needed for the decisive battle that is at hand. My little ones, you are called to help form My hidden martyrs of love to perfection in Me. Accept My chalice of love and suffering and suffer with Me, as ONE with Me, the sorrows of My Sacred Heart. As an all loving Father, I suffer the sickness of My sons' and daughters' hearts but My greatest suffering is that they don't allow Me, the Healer of all hearts, to touch them. They seek healing in all forms except in the only One that can bring them to life. I desire for all the Mothers of the Cross to unite as one with My Mother of Sorrows to obtain graces for humanity. The salvation of many is dependent upon your RESPONSE.

My Lord how do we live Your sorrows?

My daughter, embrace all the sorrows I place in your heart with perfect peace, trust, patience and love and exteriorly reveal your gentle smile and PERFECT JOY in knowing the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for you, your PERFECT JOY in knowing that We live in you and you in Us, the PERFECT JOY in knowing you have been chosen by God to aid in the salvation of many and you have responded, the PERFECT JOY of living in faith, hope and charity, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the gift of the Cross, the PERFECT JOY of knowing more intimately LOVE and becoming ONE with LOVE, the PERFECT JOY of possessing the Holy Spirit as your most treasured Companion, the PERFECT JOY of seeing yourselves transformed into a new creation in Me, the PERFECT JOY of knowing Mary and living with her as ONE HEART in My LOVE CRUCIFIED.

Raise Dead Bones 8/10/11 It is the hidden force of the Mothers of the Cross that will help to bring to life the dead bones of My sons (priests).

Our Lady's message to Mirjana 10/2/2013 Dear children, I love you with a motherly love and with a motherly patience I wait for your love and unity. I pray that you may be a community of God's children, of my children. I pray that as a community you may joyfully come back to life in the faith and in the love of my Son. My children, I am gathering you as my apostles and am teaching you how to bring others to come to know the love of my Son; how to bring to them the Good News, which is my Son. Give me your open, purified hearts and I will fill them with the love for my Son. His love will give meaning to your life and I will walk with you. I will be with you until the meeting with the Heavenly Father. My children, it is those who walk towards the Heavenly Father with love and faith who will be saved. Do not be afraid. I am with you. Put your trust in your shepherds as my Son trusted when He chose them, and pray that they may have the strength and the love to lead you. Thank you.

Key virtues that form a Mother of the Cross:

Humility, simplicity, silence, tenderness/ gentleness Zeal for the House of the Lord Passionate lovers of Jesus Christ Be Jesus' companions of love Console Hidden force Hidden martyrs of love Living hosts Pure living chalices of His precious Blood Sacrifice of living love Holy remnant Participate in the love of the Trinity Live the martyrdom of solitude Live with Jesus the sorrows for a humanity that has lost their way Collect Jesus' tears in the chalice of our hearts Live an intense prayer life centered in the Eucharist. Live the hidden ordinary life with all its trials, sorrows, exhaustion…. with pure love. Through hidden martyrdom raise up God's army of holy priests needed for the decisive battle. Be the Father's pure fragrance that has the power to conquer the enemies of God, white lilies. Be pure servants. Be ONE with the Mother of Sorrows. Be Mary's white army.


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