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Receiving The Fullness Of The Holy Spirit As Living Hosts

Pentecost Sunday, Bogota, Colombia, 6/4/17

As the LC community was praying the rosary, I had the memory of when I saw the Holy Spirit, in the form of a very large dove, fly out of the center of the Cross, where I saw the Heart of Jesus in the center of the Eucharist. I remembered the immensity of the Holy Spirit’s wings, as extending over the entire world, the sound of the wind and the POWER of His flight. I then began praying with all my heart for the Holy Spirit to come over the entire world, a new Pentecost, on this Pentecost Sunday.

It was in this prayer that I again saw the Holy Spirit as if hovering over us as we prayed the rosary. I could feel His presence, His love and protection. We were all sitting in a circle with a statue of Mary, Rosa Mystica, on a table in the center. Interiorly I then saw Mary standing in the center of our prayer circle. During the rosary, she said twice to BELIEVE that the H.S. has been stirred into flame within each of us. In one of the decades, I think the 4th, as Maria Hickein gave a reflection, I saw Maria hand our Blessed Mother a crown of thorns. Mary then took off her crown of glory and placed it in the center of the crown of thorns. I then saw this crown of thorns with the crown of glory in its center become very large and rise over all of us sitting in the circle of prayer. At the end of the rosary Mary asked us “to protect the graces we have received.”

Fatima Chapel, my baptism of the Holy Spirit 8/28/08

First appeared the Host, then appeared the Sacred Heart inside the Host. Third, the Cross, the Host with the Sacred Heart was in the center. Then came the H.S. as a huge and powerful dove flying out from the Host within the Heart towards me. Jesus said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” He then explained to me the vision: First, My people must come to me in the Eucharist. It is here that they will come to know My Sacred Heart… Then there are the few souls that will respond to My love and allow Me to bring them to union with Me in the Cross. These are the souls that receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. If only I could draw to depict what I saw! The H.S. was HUGE, the wings flopping were massive and I could feel the power of the wings so strong that I actually felt that I was going to go through the wall behind me.

Pilgrimage of LC to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico 12/12/16

Words from our Blessed Mother:

My beloved, I have brought you before me to receive the fullness of the blessing God desires to give you and my family of LC. Receive my tears of joy; joy for your fiat united to mine; joy for your faithfulness to live united as One Body to the Holy Sacrifice of my Son. Receive the crown of glory reserved for the martyrs of Christ’s love. Do not be afraid during the time of the great trial that must come upon the world, for I am with you. You have followed me to the altar of sacrifice. It is here in the perfect sacrifice of the Mass that I am forming you as God’s holy warriors of love to fight the final battle. Remain with me in the perfect Sacrifice of my Son and you will receive the crown of glory. I bless you, my little one, with the kiss of Abba as He seals your heart with the mission given to you for the glory of God and the salvation of many souls.

In 8/28/08 Jesus said, “The few souls that respond to My love and ALLOW Me to bring them to Receiving the Fullness of the Holy Spirit as Living Hosts 2 union with Me in the Cross receive the FULLNESS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” Then on 12/12/16 Our Lady of Guadalupe said that she brought us before her to the altar of sacrifice to receive the FULLNESS OF GOD’S BLESSING. She wants us to REMAIN with her in the perfect Sacrifice of her Son hidden in the Eucharist. It is ONLY in Love Crucified that we receive the FULLNESS OF THE Holy Spirit, which is the FULLNESS OF GOD’S BLESSING. To live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit is much more than receiving gifts, it is being possessed by God’s power, wisdom, zeal, courage, and inflamed in Divine Love. LIFE IN THE SPIRIT IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE IN UNION WITH CHRIST CRUCIFIED.

Our identity and mission is contained in the Eucharistic Jesus – ONE with Jesus’ sacrifice that is hidden, silent, unnoticed, unwanted, insignificant, misunderstood and unappreciated, yet, IS the POWER OF GOD. Therefore, to become “living hosts” we must ALLOW the Spirit to DIMINISH us so that Jesus as Victim can increase in us, until we, too, become THE HIDDEN FORCE. We too need to become nothing, simple, little, insignificant, hidden, misunderstood and silent like Jesus in the Host. We have a human desire, and many times very distorted due to our woundedness, to be noticed, wanted, seen, important and appreciated. We can have many desires to do wonderful apostolic works, preach, teach… but the Lord is desiring to make us ONE in His Hidden Force becoming like Him — ignored, unwanted, unseen, unnoticed, unappreciated but in perfect peace and joy accompanying Him in His solitude —His companions of pure love. This in no way means that doing good works is wrong, but for us, as MOC and MC, living the hidden life of the interior crucifixion must be the center of our lives and greatest desire, knowing always that this is where the greatest power lies.

This way of life is not known by the world and only by very few in the Church. Therefore, we need to journey the long process of purification, pruning and stripping because this way of life goes completely against our human tendency. We too need to be broken, stretched and expanded in Christ Crucified. Then we need to be given to many as food to be chewed. Some will appreciate this food, delight in it, and receive it with gratitude and blessing. Others will receive us as living hosts and use us for their purposes. Others will spit us out in repulsion. Yet, moreand-more, through Him, with Him and in Him we give ourselves to all in union with Love Crucified as Eucharist.

Many Catholics believe through their intellects that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, but very few souls believe with their entire being that the FULLNESS OF THE POWER OF GOD is present and working in the Eucharistic Jesus as THE HIDDEN FORCE. We, as LC, must pray to Mary, and through her, beg the Holy Spirit to grant us the grace to have perfect FAITH, HOPE and LOVE in The Hidden Force as the Eucharistic Jesus, so that, PARTICIPATING with Jesus as the Hidden Force in the Eucharist becomes our greatest desire and joy!

Mary reveals to us the way – wearing on earth the crown of thorns in our hearts as she did. She came to encourage us this Pentecost Sunday by reminding us that we have the Holy Spirit stirred into flame within us, for it is ONLY with the H.S. that we can recognize the treasure of heaven contained in each thorn and desire to wear this spousal crown on our hearts. But Mary does not come only to encourage us to persevere wearing the crown of thorns, but also to promise us the crown of glory. It is this promise that must move us forward with great zeal and courage to PERSEVERE! (See: Path 4-C-2, Wearing the Crown of Thorns p. 221).


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