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Rosary in Reparation and Intercession
for Priests and Religious
Community of Love Crucified
See also rosary of Love Crucified


Love Crucified Rosary

 in Reparation & Intercession

 for Priests & Religious


All meditations in this rosary are cited from God’s Hidden Victim Souls, messages from Jesus and Mary revealed to a Mother of the Cross of Love Crucified Covenant Community.
GENERAL INTENTION OF THIS ROSARY: Jesus, the cries of your Heart pierce my heart. As your little victim of love, I want to suffer your interior martyrdom with You. I immolate myself in the Holy Spirit, and in union with You, Jesus, to the Father for the glory of the Blessed Trinity, for the salvation of souls, and in particular, in reparation and intercession for the purification and sanctification of all consecrated souls, especially your priests.
Dear Mother, Rosa Mystica, pray this rosary with me.
1st LUMINOUS MYSTERY: The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
As Mothers of the Cross, pray for My beloved priests as you pray for your sons. Give your lives for them as you give your lives for your children. Your voices (Mothers of the Cross) are united as one with My Mother before the throne of God. Your lives united in Mary are bringing down graces upon My priests. 11/9/08 
1.  JESUS:  My daughter, your ordinary life as wife and mother, lived in sacrificial love, a complete self-donation united to My Mother, will help in the transformation of My Church, especially in the sanctification of My priests. It will only come about through My living Hosts. 7/2/08 
2. Evil that has penetrated the souls of his priests can only be overcome through this spiritual motherhood. 11/17/08 
3. Mothers of the Cross will be the backbone (support) and heart of My Church. It is their lives that will bring forth My army of holy priests... 11/21/08
4. Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Yesterday during Mass, I saw Mary interiorly as Queen. After I received Communion, I saw each woman lying on the ground; a long line of bodies touching each other and covered in blood. This is the red carpet the priests are walking on, and Mary will be walking on.  -/8/08 
5. [About the Missionaries of the Cross]  Mary explained that she has been forming the hearts of these priests for this mission. They will all be united. They are called to turn the hearts of God's people towards the Cross. My Son will be praised and glorified in His Crucified Body. It is His Blood that has saved and redeemed mankind…
6.  [Defining the Community of LC]  I am uniting souls who desire to love Me passionately, who have opened their hearts to My Love Crucified. These mothers and priests (including laypeople) will work together to aid in the renewal of My Church. 2/26/09
7.  The Mothers of the Cross unite their fiat to My Mother of the Cross as victim intercessors. They live a life of prayer, penance, and sacrifice, united in Me crucified for the expiation of sin and the sanctification of My priests.
8. Their ordinary lives lived in simplicity, humility, interior silence, and prayer is a sweet fragrance that reaches the Heart of My Father. The outpouring of their blood through sacrificial love, united to My Precious Blood poured out of love for you, will serve to lift the dark blanket of sin that covers the world.
9.  I will use the profound love of these simple mothers and their generosity in suffering out of love for Me to pry open the hardened hearts of My priests. [From this]…simple yet profound movement of love…will gush forth the Holy Spirit bringing about a new evangelization as you have never seen before.
10.  The Missionaries of the Cross… My humble priests living in union with their High Priest… will go out and awaken My priests to love as My priests, victims united to The Victim. They, like Me, will live a life of prayer, poverty, and surrender to the Holy Spirit…through their hidden and devout lives.
2nd LUMINOUS MYSTERY: Marriage Feast of Cana
MEDITATION:  Go out and preach My Gospel of Love, first within your own families. Proclaim My Love crucified!  Proclaim repentance as did John the Baptist! Preach with the fire of My Spirit as did St Paul!  Prepare the hearts of My people for an outpouring of My Holy Spirit! Bring them to the Cross! I desire transformed souls in the world to be My slaves of love. 3/25/09 
1. Mary:  [You,] mothers of the cross are my maidens that, united to me, will renew the priesthood. Your lives will be a holy cloth that soaks up the Precious Blood of Jesus. Your hidden lives lived in your domestic monasteries will be a source of grace for the sanctification of priests. 6/13/09  
2.  Mary to priests:  I, the Mother of all in heaven and on earth, the Mother of all priests, desire for their holiness. As I embraced St. John at the foot of the Cross, enveloped in the precious Blood of My most adorable Son, I want to also embrace each priest. Through My Son, they are each My sons. 8/5/09 
3. Mary:   I want to lead them into the abode of His pierced Heart. I will bring each of them to the Cross as I accompanied My Son. I will form them to be perfect victims as I formed My Son. I will place in their hearts the love of the Cross as the Father placed this love in the Heart of My Son and Mine.
4.  My priests must unite themselves with My Love Crucified to receive the full power of the Holy Spirit. It is in this time of darkness that My army of Holy Priests will turn the eyes of My people to the Cross… united with My Mother….  It is then …that all people will see My Mother as Queen of heaven and earth rising like the sun from the east. 2/01/2010
5.  JESUS:  Tell My priests they have turned their backs from Me. As they gaze at Me, they must see themselves in Me. I want their love to be crucified like Mine. They do not preach with the power of My Word because their hearts are not transformed, nor do their hearts seek transformation in Me through the power of the Holy Spirit. 3/11/2010 
6.  If they do not transform their lives in Me, I will spit them out. They will have to account for every soul that has been lost because of their lack of shepherding before the Father.
7. Tell them I am raising up My army of holy priests, My Green Berets: men of fortitude, men of courage, holy men, men willing to lay down their lives for their God. It is these holy priests that will be My Light during the time of great darkness that is approaching.
8. Tell them of My immense love for each of them. I am their Father waiting for them to come back to Me. I wish to embrace them and forgive them. I want them to know and experience the love I have for each of them. I want them to understand how much I need them to fulfill My work of redemption. 3/17/10  
9.  My hands are nailed to the Cross; I need each of them to be My hands, to anoint, bless and heal My children. I need them to be My feet, moving out as My missionaries to proclaim My words. I need them to be My eyes so that My divine gaze can penetrate the core of My children and bring them to repentance and reconciliation with God, their Father.
10.  I need them to be My suffering and pierced Heart to My people, My Heart of compassion. My daughter, My priests MUST become My loving image in the world. They, united to My Mother, will bring the Church to the foot of My Cross, and through their cries, supplication, prayers, and tears, the Holy Spirit will be released from My Cross.
3rd LUMINOUS MYSTERY:  Proclamation of the Kingdom
MEDITATION:  5/24/10  Tell My sons that they have gone astray from the path I set before them. They have gone astray from the narrow path that leads to life. Their hearts have grown cold and hardened because they seek their fulfillment in themselves. It is only through a life of penance and mortification that the flesh can be purified. Tell them, My daughter, to gaze at My love crucified and to allow My Mother to bring them to the foot of the Cross with those that love Me (I felt St. John and Mary Magdalene). The time of the great chastisement is about to begin.

1.  Only a mother’s heart can call My sons (priests) to repentance. The flock is all scattered and confused because of the lack of holy shepherds. Satan is the prince of the world, and they have not waged war against him but have participated with him. There is no difference between His sons and all other men. Their eyes are not on the things of heaven but attached to all the world, full of sensuality. They are not obedient to Him; their hearts and intentions are not pure, and they desire the comforts of the world and do not seek poverty. 3/21/2010
2. Tell them how much I love them and are seeking them out. I am ready to forgive them and transform them if they come to Me and repent. The time is short. They will each have to stand before My Father to be judged, and when they are shown all My sheep that have gone astray, they will not live.
3.  My daughter, My sons have not heeded My command. I have chosen them to continue My work of redemption in the world, bringing to fulfillment what I have accomplished through My death and resurrection. I have chosen them to be one with Me, fully transformed into Me through the power of the Holy Spirit. But they have denied the Holy Spirit this work in them by choosing the things of the world. 3/30/10 
4. My covenant with each of them calls them to love as I have loved, to love with My Heart. My love is perfectly obedient to the Father’s Will, My love is simple, My love is sacrificial, My love is gentle and patient, but above all, My love is crucified. I came upon the earth desiring only the cross. My sons must have the same love for the cross as I had.
5.  It is only through crucified love that their lives will bear abundant fruit. It is only through crucified love that they will be transformed by the fire of the Holy Spirit into Me. It is only through their crucified love that My priests will become the fortified wall of bronze protecting My Church from the principalities of death. This is what you must tell My priests. If They do not listen to My Words, they will perish during the time of great darkness.
6.  April 2010 [Jesus] then revealed to me His Heart that was held in His hands. His Heart was all shredded; it didn’t resemble a heart. He then said:  My family of Love Crucified is called to repair and console My Heart. This condition of My Heart has been mainly caused by My own (priests & religious).
7. My daughter, I desire to have an order of priests to console My wounded Heart. They will console Me by living a life transformed in Me. They will console Me by allowing the Holy Spirit to possess them with His power. They will go out as My first Apostles filled with the Holy Spirit to awaken the hearts of their brother priests.
8.  They will preach with the fire of the Holy Spirit, as did St. Steven. They will preach the truth concerning the horrible condition of My priesthood. They will bring to light the darkness hidden deep in the hearts of My chosen sons. They will preach My love and mercy while there is still time, calling each of them to repentance.
9.  If they repent, I will embrace them and forgive them, thus restoring them to health. My daughter, do not be alarmed if many of them walk away and cover their ears as they did to St. Steven. I promise you that enough will listen in order to raise up My army of holy priests.
10.  My priests who do not amend their ways will be cast in the fires of Gehenna as bad figs. The time of My mercy is quickly coming to an end. I am now pouring out an abundance of mercy; every one of My priests will be given an opportunity to amend their ways. 4/24/10 
4th LUMINOUS MYSTERY: The Transfiguration
MEDITATION:  There will be moaning and groaning and grinding of teeth among the righteous and the wicked. My priests must be My fortified wall of bronze to sustain My Church. They will be called to bring My flock to the foot of the Cross and receive the power of the Holy Spirit. These souls filled with My Holy Spirit and transformed by My crucified love will cry out, "Abba, Father, save us!" and through this corporate cry, united to My Mother of Sorrows, the Church will receive its New Pentecost, and My Mother will begin Her ascent.   -/24/10
1.  My daughter, I allowed My hands to be pierced with nails so that the hands of My priests would have the power to heal and anoint all My children. It is from this hole in My hands that flows the healing light of My Holy Spirit through the hands of My priests. This most painful piercing provided the means for My priests to consecrate Me during the sacrifice of the Mass. 6/11/10  
2.  Jesus said:... bring to light the truth of My sons’ sins…They are rebellious sons who have gone astray from their Father…I await them with mercy, but I promise you, My daughter, if they do not repent, they will burn for all eternity in the abyss of hell. 6/25/2010 
3.  It saddens Me greatly when My sons (priests) and religious live physical poverty but remain only there and do not allow the Holy Spirit to bring them to live the spirit of poverty… The spirit of poverty is lived when you allow the Holy Spirit, My Blessed Mother, and Myself to strip you of everything interiorly: your desires, expectations, plans, attachments, securities, consolations in friendships, even consolations from Me so that you are left completely empty. It is a soul that has been stripped of everything that is empty and can be filled with My life… 7/8/2010
4.  The time of the great darkness is quickly approaching the earth. Each of My sons will have to make a decision to be with Me or against Me but will not be able to remain in the gray area. They will have to repent of their many sins with tears, and I will cleanse them with My mercy. They will have to renounce the world with all its passions and embrace poverty…. 7/22/10
5.  They will live as victims following the pure, unblemished Victim Lamb… They must humble themselves and come to the foot of the Cross next to My Mother and kiss My feet. It is the Blood that flows from the wound of My feet that will purify their lips so that they will be able to speak with the Sword of My Word… During the time of the great darkness, they must shine forth My holy presence… During the time of great darkness, the principalities of darkness will snatch all My priests that are not one with Me into the abyss of hell…
6.  9/21/10  I am the High Priest. I am the perfect, unblemished holy sacrifice of the Father for the redemption of mankind. The priests that came after Me were born of My Pierced Heart; were born of My crucified love. As a woman labors to give life, My priests were conceived in My crucified Heart and were brought to life through the passage in My side created by the spear.
7.  Therefore, every priest is called to be ONE with the Word of the Cross. Of themselves, they can do nothing and are nothing, but united as ONE to Love crucified, they are the power of God. The mission I desire is to bring all My priests to union with Love crucified. It is here that lies the power of God I want them to possess.
8.  My priests have become ordinary men dressed in priestly robes; that is  why their lives do not produce an abundance of fruit and lack the power to bring My little sheep to conversion. It is My priests who are in need of the greatest conversion.
9.  I will raise up My army of holy priests through My humble son and simple mother…. My sons will never be holy if they do not resemble Me crucified. They are called to bear all My wounds and, in this way, become My healing light for all those entrusted to them…. 1/3/11
10.  Raise up My army of holy priests! First, Bring them to the foot of the Cross to enter through the gate of Mary. Second, Call them to REPENTANCE. Ask them to repent from their sins of sloth, immorality, lack of prayer, lack of mortification, and penance. Third, Tell them to spend time in the Blessed Sacrament contemplating My wounds. Tell them to place their hearts with all their sins inside My most painful wound, My shoulder. I will heal them in this wound. I will perfect them and make them My living Hosts. In this way, they will radiate My Light during the time of the great darkness that is upon you.  1/8/11 
5th LUMINOUS MYSTERY:  The Institution of the Holy Eucharist
MEDITATION: The Father: The time of the great and horrible devastation is drawing near. Prepare the way for My Son, My little ones; you must set out to preach with the fire of God. You must bring to light the darkness of sin hidden in the hearts of My priests. My fire will consume this darkness. My Missionaries of the Cross are my Son's Green Berets…   3/23/11 
1.  The Green Berets will face head-on the darkness that consumes the priesthood. They will fight with the sword of the Spirit. They will be clothed and possessed by the power of God because they are one with the Word of the Cross. The time is at hand when all my priests will be separated into two camps, the goats from the sheep. 3/23/11 
2.  You are My prophets for these decisive times, called to build the bronze wall of my Son's army of holy priests around the Bride, the Church. During the great devastation, many will enter her safety through her holy ministers. Bring to light the sin of My ministers and call them to repentance at the feet of Jesus crucified. They all must unite to the Word of the Cross so that they can possess the power of God to lead my Church to safety during the storm that is approaching
3.  Therefore, My daughter, tell My sons to be humble as I am  humble, to rely on My Spirit teaching them and not on their own understanding, for their understanding is very limited, but My  understanding will bring them to encounter the living God and  possess the life of the Most Holy Trinity. 4/25/11 
4.  Mary speaks:  …the hands of the priests are the hands of My Son who come to me to remove these thorns that cause me so much suffering. The hands of purity remove these thorns, but purity in every act, purity in every thought, purity in every desire… It is not busyness with so much to do that consoles our Hearts, but pure love in every act, thought, and desire. 5/16/11 
5.  Message to Seminarians
My daughter, tell these seminarians that they have been chosen as priests of the end times, priests of the Holy Spirit to usher in the new Pentecost through the reign of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. Therefore, teach them how to come, like John, to the foot of the Cross with Mary, and consecrate  themselves to the Holy Spirit…. Tell them to be holy as I am holy, to be mortified so that that purity can grow in their hearts. 7/11/11 
6.  Are you willing, My little ones (LC), to allow your hearts to be pierced as ONE with My Mother for the cleansing of My priesthood and the salvation of many? Do not grow stubborn but persevere in love by suffering all as ONE with My pierced Sacred Heart and the pierced Immaculate Heart. 10/20/11
7.  Who else can form My priests to a singular perfection if not the Holy Spirit and Mary? If they [priests] do not become ONE with the Word of the Cross, they will amount to nothing. It is not brilliance that has the power to pierce hearts but love. You, My family, will form their hearts to know Love and be love. 3/3/12  
8.  Holy Thursday –   Heaven cries with Me, My little one. ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?’ I cry, for I have been forsaken by My very own, My priests. My flock has forsaken Me, their good Shepherd, for they no longer recognize the face and voice of their Shepherd, so they follow the false shepherd, the king of lies and deception. Heaven cries tears of sorrow with Me. 4/5/12
9.   My Way of love, life, truth, and happiness is abandoned and deserted except for a few, My holy remnant. I have been blessed, broken, and continue to be given to all, yet few flourish and radiate My life. Why? Because they live in deception. It is only through the Way of the Cross that you will enter new life.
10.  Feast of Christ the King
My priests can never join forces with Satan's evil to justify their ministry. They, too, must persevere as one with Me in my crucifixion during the time of great darkness. They, too, must be willing to suffer the injustice of being stripped of their faculties as I was stripped of all My glory, and this union of suffering with Me, the crucified King, will bring forth My purified Church.  11/21/21
HAIL HOLY QUEEN, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope! To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears! Turn, then, O most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.
V. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
Let us Pray. O God, whose only-begotten Son, by His life, death and resurrection, has purchased for us the rewards of eternal life, grant, we beseech Thee, that meditating on these mysteries of the most holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we may imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise, through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.
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