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Solitude – silence

Silence allows you to embrace fully the sorrow of your heart. Silence allows you to enter fully the sorrow I am permitting in your heart. As you embrace this pain and suffering, you are embracing Me. You are embracing My pain and suffering and thus entering My Heart, for My Heart is all pain and love. This is My Mercy. 
To come to know the love of your Beloved is to come to experience My sorrow. This is why My Mother is the Queen of Sorrows, for it is she who lived most perfectly consumed in My Heart. My little one, this union of sorrow, must move your heart to love all, by suffering with silence, peace, and abandonment for all your brothers and sisters.


My sons and daughters, exteriorly smile and tend to the duties of your vocation with detail and love; but interiorly, through the arms of silence, live embracing your sorrows. In this way, you are embracing My crucified Body and soothing My wounds. This is the life of love. This is the life of a Mother of the Cross, for it is the life of My Mother. The Holy Spirit will help you; consecrate yourself to Him this morning. Go in peace, My daughter; I live in you as you live in Me. —8/8/11, The Simple Path #102 p.285.

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