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Teachings of the Love Crucified Community

 that correspond to the book🔗 The Simple Path to Union with God

CHAPTER 1:  Journey with the Holy Spirit and Mary

A. New Life in the Holy Spirit

B. Mary is the Gate

C. Why should we want to go to the Cross?

     Perseverance Through Love of the Cross; Fr. Jordi Rivero 2/2/2018

     The Cross is the Treasure; Lourdes Pinto


CHAPTER 2: At the Foot of the Cross

A. Come to the Feet of Jesus

     Solomon’s Unfaithfulness; Lourdes Pinto 2/8/2018

B. Knowledge of God and Self

    Misery Draws Mercy 10/17/2019

C. Sins are Like Weeds

D. The Gaze of Jesus

E. Temptations

F. Humility

    MOC Serve In the Awareness of Who God Is

CHAPTER 3: Passage Through the Pierced Side of Jesus

A. Suffer with Him

1) Difference between “offer up” and “suffer with”

2) Redemptive Suffering

     Are you God's Masterpiece?; Fr. Ron Sciera, 1/17/2019

     In the World But Not of the World; Lourdes Pinto, 3/1/2018

3) By His Wounds You have Been Healed

4) Tears

B)  Bridging the Gap

      Love Cast out Fear; Lourdes Pinto, 1/8/2015

C)  The Hidden Martyrdom of the Heart

      Mustard Seed; Lourdes Pinto, 6/21/2018

        1) Jesus’ Lifetime Hidden Martyrdom

        2) We Are All Called to be Martyrs of Love

        3) Mary’s Interior Martyrdom

              Violence of Sorrow I; Lourdes Pinto, 7/28/2016

              Violence of Sorrow II; Lourdes Pinto, 8/4/2016

         4) Our Ordinary Life is a Hidden Force

         5) The Eucharist

              Eucharist 1- Living Host; Lourdes Pinto, 6/22/2017

              Eucharist 2- Living Host; Lourdes Pinto, 6/29/2017

              Eucharist 3- Participation in the Eucharist; Lourdes Pinto, 7/13/2017

              Eucharist 4- Participation in the Groans of Jesus; Lourdes Pinto, 7/20/2017  

         6) Living Host

              Most Precious Blood –I,II,III

         7) Living Chalices

             Living Chalices; Lourdes Pinto, 4/20/2017

             Cana: New Relationships Between Men and Women; Lourdes Pinto, 2/12/2015

CHAPTER 4:  In the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A. Purification in the Sacred Heart

     Salted with Fire; Fr. Ron Sciera and Lourdes Pinto, 1/27/2017
     Misery Draws Mercy; Lourdes PInto 10/27/2019

B. The Three Nails that Crucify Us with Jesus

1) First Nail:  Purification of Desires

Knowing Self and Others in Christ; Lourdes Pinto, 1/18/2018


Trust Inspired by the Annunciation; Fr. Jordi Rivero, 4/12/2018

Trust: Will Jesus be impressed with yours?; Fr. Ron Sciera, 9/13/2019

–Fake Saints

Hypocrisy in Me? — Purity of Intention; Lourdes Pinto, 6/11/2019


Gratitude; Lourdes Pinto 4/20/2017


2) Second Nail: Crucifixion of Our Emotions

3) Third Nail:  Persecution

C. True Intimacy of Suffering

     Remain with Me, Learning from the Joyful Mysteries; Lourdes Pinto, 12/21/2017

1) True Intimacy is to suffer as One with the Beloved

    Pure Suffering; Lourdes Pinto, 1/12/2017

    Prayer of Pure Suffering — My Testimony; Hector Ramos, 1/24/2019

2) Receiving the Crown of Thorns

D. Participation in the Groans of the Sacred Heart

     Eucharist 4- Participation in the roans of Jesus; Lourdes Pinto, 7/20/2017

E. Becoming One

F. Drawn into the Unity of the Trinity

G. The Light of the World

     Tenderness in Mercy; Lourdes Pinto, 1/18/2017

     Proximity, A Revolution of Tenderness, 12/13/2018

     Loving with Christ Restores Manhood and Womanhood, 2/13/2020

H. Spousal Union with Jesus


CHAPTER 5: Virtues For a New Heart

A. Prayer

     Pray unceasingly, the Battle Has Begun; Lourds Pinto, 6/25/20

B. Silence

    Faith, Do I Believe? Part III; Lourdes Pinto, 8/6/18

C. Tenderness

     Proximity, A Revolution of Tenderness, Lourdes Pinto, 12/13/2018

D. Poverty

     Poverty, Rich Young Man; Lourdes Pinto, 10/18/2018

E. Purity

F. Faith

    Faith, Do I Believe? Part II; Lourdes Pinto, 7/26/2018

    Faith , Do I Believe? Part I; Lourdes Pinto, 7/19/2018

    Canaanite Woman, Faith; Lourdes Pinto, 8/10/2017

    Mount Your Horses Through the Storm; Lourdes Pinto, 9/21/2017

G. Joy


CHAPTER 6:  Victim United to the Victim

A. A New Understanding of “Victim Soul”

B. We go to Mass to Become Victim with the Victim

C. Mary is the Perfect Victim of Love

D. Victim Souls Hold the Power of God

CHAPTER 7:  Spiritual Motherhood For Priest

A. What then is Spiritual Motherhood?

B. The Birth of the “New Adams and Eves” at the Cross

C. Spiritual Motherhood Lived in the Martyrdom of Mary

D. Priest Need to Receive the Gift of Spiritual Motherhood

E. All Women are Called to Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood

F. Urgency for Spiritual Motherhood

G. Correspondence between Priest and Spiritual Mothers

CHAPTER 8:  Readiness for the Decisive Battle

A. Signs of the Times

B. Learning from Prophecies

1) Modern popes Face the Battle at Hand

2) Mary Prepares Us

3) A Prophetic Age

    Revelation: Preparation for Battle & Eucharistic reign 11/2019

            Revelation 8: "Pure Incense", Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero, 11/14/2019

            Revelation 14: "First Fruits", Lourdes Pinto, 11/21, 2019, 

4) Prophecies Received by Our Community

    Calm Dignity Amidst Great Adversity, 4/15e/2021

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