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How to Live the Passion of the Church Being One with Christ

Lourdes Pinto, October 12, 2023

Remain with Me mourning the death of My Bride, the Church. Collect My tears as one with Mary and present them in the chalice of your heart to our Father. 2/25/13

This teaching explains how the union of sorrows with Christ is the perfect prayer to help the Church and console Christ in His agony of love. 


Am I Resisting Jesus Crucified?

Fr. Ron Sciera , October 5, 2023

I love my concept of Jesus, but is it real? Do I seek Him as He truly is? Do I take my cross and follow Him who is Love Crucified?


God Is Leading Us Into the "Land of Mild and Honey"

Lourdes Pinto , August 17, 2023

The life of Moses and the Israelite people’s journey to the promised land of milk and honey (Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy) illustrates the message of the Lord given to us on 8/10/23. God is preparing His faithful remnant to have perfect faith and hope in God, who loves us and will never abandon us in trial!


Self-Will: Public Enemy #1

Fr. Ron Sciera , August 3, 2023

The monster of self-will lies disguised within us as a strong force that prevents us from receiving self-knowledge of our sins.

Long Suffering Perfects Us in Love

Lourdes Pinto, June 22, 2023

Through the grace of long-suffering, you are perfected in love if you allow the Spirit to bring into the light of your conscience the darkness that lives in each of your hearts.

This teaching explains, through the lives of Tobit and Sarah, how God uses long-suffering to perfect us in love.


Testimony: The Gift of My Accident

Lourdes Pinto, June 8, 2023

"Trust, for there isn’t a suffering I permit that will not bring you into the union of love I desire." 7/9/12. This testimony reveals the truth and beauty contained in the above sentence from the Lord.


My Light Is Love

Lourdes Pinto, March 20, 2023

This teaching is a reflection on a message given by Jesus to the Love Crucified Community for the Church Monday of Holy Week 2023. It explains the Light of God as Love and the process of becoming one with it. These are the souls that become God’s saints of the end times!

The Return to Abba

Lourdes Pinto, March 16, 2023

God the Father waits for your response to His personal invitation, “Return to Me with all your heart.” This reflection reveals the way back to the Father.

Rock Bottom In Our Hearts

Micah Parsons, March 9, 2023

The Lord cries out to the Missionaries of the Cross through the intercession of the Mothers of the Cross, REMAIN in mourning with Abba and Mary. This teaching explains the lament of Papa (God) and the process of feeling the pain to reach the "Rock bottom, in our hearts." A soul does not ascend high, to UNION with God and Mary, unless the soul hits rock bottom in his heart.


Perfect Love

Lourdes Pinto, February 16, 2023

What is perfect love? How do we attain it? Why are there few souls who enter this perfect state of union with God? The few victim souls who reach perfect love are “God’s saints of the end times to usher in His era of peace in the world.”


The Purpose of the private revelations in the Simple Path

Lourdes Pinto, January 26, 2023

What is God’s purpose through the private revelations contained in the Simple Path? Why are they crucial for these decisive times? This teaching answers these questions and explains how the Holy Spirit, through the Simple Path, rekindles the fire of Christ’s Word in us.


Courage 1 & 2

Lourdes Pinto, January 12 & 19, 2023

Jesus explains in a message that “courage is the virtue of the single-hearted” & an act of obedience to His Will, which requires moving through our many fears.
Part 1 explains what it means to be single-hearted.
Part 2 explains how courage, obedience, and fear are interwoven.



Complete What is Lacking in the Sufferings of Christ

Nina Heereman SSD, December 29, 2022

The biblical foundation for Col 1,24. Every Christian is incorporated into Christ to become an offering of love to the Father – one with Christ.  


Glory of God

Lourdes Pinto, December 15, 2022

On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Blessed Mother said, persevere in faith, hope, and love during the purification by fire, and God's little mustard seed will experience the glory of God. What does the Glory of God mean? 

The Entire World Will Experience the Purge of Fire

Message from our Blessed Mother, December 8, 2022, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.


Father Ron's Testimony

Father Ron Sciera with an introduction by Lourdes Pinto. November 17, 2022 

Fr Ron shares some “gold nuggets” he has discovered by struggling to live the Simple Path. Fr Ron and Lourdes reveal the beauty of helping one another walk the narrow path.


Testimony of a Missionary of the Cross

Orlando Martinez with an introduction by Lourdes Pinto. October 27, 2022 

Orlando shares his experience living the Simple Path and how self-knowledge brought him to repentance to experience transformation.


Propitiate and Appease the Justice of God

Lourdes Pinto – October 20, 2022

Jesus, in the message given to the Love Crucified Community on the feast of St Faustina, states, “Each victim soul has great power to appease the justice of God and propitiate My  coming.” This teaching explains the meaning of propitiating and its power in Christ crucified with Mary. 


Blessed Franz Jägerstätter – A model for our times

Jordi Rivero – September 29, 2022

A faithful witness to Christ when most Catholics justified their silence or cooperated with the  Nazis. The striking similarities with our times, the arguments used against him, and his responses offer us invaluable lessons. 


Do You Want to be “Partners with Demons”? Live in Fear

Lourdes Pinto – September 22, 2022

Fears hold us in bondage, paralyze us, steal our joy, and prevent us from experiencing the freedom given to us as children of God. If we do not come to know our fears and process them in Christ, we will become “partners with demons” (1 Cor.10:20) and not God’s warriors for these decisive times.


Discipleship of Christ vs. Ideologies

Fr. Jordi Rivero – September 1, 2022

Only the few who carry the cross as Jesus commands will remain faithful in these decisive times. 



Lourdes Pinto – August 25, 2022

In Christ, the meek are the strong, the hidden force of God, the Sword of the Spirit. They are the ones that will fight the great battle against the forces of evil and win through the meekness of Jesus crucified!


St. John the Baptist, True Devotion to the Sacred Heart, Part I & II

Lourdes Pinto – June 23 and June 30, 2022

The life of St. John the Baptist revealed in Scripture teaches us about true devotion to the Sacred Heart. This teaching compares the virtues of John the Baptist as a man after Jesus’ own heart with the words of the Lord to LC and the Church. Part I covers Faithfulness to his mission, poverty, mortification, sacrifice, simplicity, and humility.  Part II: Obedience, audacity, and fidelity in times of doubt. 

Path to New Life, Heaven on Earth

Lourdes Pinto – May 26, 2022

God sent us His Son so that we can begin to live Heaven on Earth through our union with Jesus crucified. The Simple Path prepares us to live in the ecstasy of the love of the Trinity on earth, yet few are aware of this glorious state of life available to us.

Patience in Hope

Michelle Griffith – May 12, 2022

Michelle teaches us how impatience can derail us from remaining with Jesus in the trials of life, and how we can learn to wait upon Him with confident hope in the good He has planned for us and for countless other souls.


Heralds of Hope – II

Lourdes Pinto – April 28, 2022

The opposite of hope is despair. What are the causes and symptoms of despair?

Can “good Catholics” be lukewarm? How is God bringing hope in despair through The Simple Path?


Heralds of Hope

Lourdes Pinto – April 21, 2022

What is Christian hope?  How do we grow in hope to live in peace and joy? What does it mean to be heralds of hope?


Fatima: Respond to Mary like the three children

Fr. Jordi Rivero – March 24, 2022

Our Mother not only gave us messages but also three heroic exemplars of how to live them.


Lourdes: Why did Our Lady Choose a Dirty Muddy Grotto?

Lourdes Pinto – February  17, 2022

Mary –one with Jesus– enters the grotto of our filthy hearts and broken relationships. With her loving gaze, she sets us free to see and love as one with Jesus. Then, with Him, we can enter the grotto of broken hearts and gaze upon them with His light, hope, and love.


Few Will Remain Faithful

Lourdes Pinto – January 14, 2022

Many followed Jesus with enthusiasm but abandoned Him on Good Friday. The Lord is preparing us for persecution. Who will remain faithful?

"Ponder" – Message for the New Year

Lourdes Pinto – January 7, 2022



Living in the Trinity on Earth

Lourdes Pinto – December 16, 2021

As we enter the mystery of Mary and her life in the Trinity, we understand God's desire for every creature and the greatest gift of redemption: "consummation into the life of the Holy Trinity to participate in the ecstasy of divine lover" Silence and prayer are the essence to remain in this grace

Kingdom of God vs Kingdom of Satan

Lourdes Pinto – December 2, 2021

What are the highlights of the decisive battle of the present time we are living in?

What era comes after the decisive battle is won by the faithful few?

What warnings must we be attentive to?


Faith in the Promises God has Made

Lourdes Pinto – October 21, 2021

COVID-19 –Series

Fr. Jordi Rivero –Sept.–Oct. 2021

A Well-Formed Conscience: Critical for These Decisive Times

–Part I

Lourdes Pinto  –September 23, 2021

–Part II

Lourdes Pinto –September 30, 2021

The Catechism teaches us that man has in his heart a law inscribed by God, a voice of conscience, that must be formed in the Word of God through the Scriptures, the Church, and Tradition. The “Simple Path” leads us in the formation of our conscience to be attentive and enter the depth of our hearts, to encounter Jesus Christ in all our moral decisions, most especially in times of darkness and turmoil. 

The Mass – II – COVID-19: A Call to Repentance, Beginning with our Shepherd

Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero – September 3, 2021. AUDIO & VIDEO

It is in the power of the Mass that we, as victim souls, most perfectly unite ourselves as One with  Christ to His victory on the Cross. The Mass, from beginning to end, provides us the armor to fight as One with Christ in the battle against Satan. Through the Simple Path, we learn how to live “IN” the power of the Cross as One with Mary, in the Holy Spirit, and become His Living Chalices and Living Host in the world. –Eucharist

The Mass – I – Battle the Beast in the Power of the Cross

Lourdes Pinto  – August 26, 2021

It is in the power of the Mass that we, as victim souls, most perfectly unite ourselves as One with  Christ to His victory on the Cross. The Mass, from beginning to end, provides us the armor to fight as One with Christ in the battle against Satan. Through the Simple Path, we learn how to live “IN” the power of the Cross as One with Mary, in the Holy Spirit, and become His Living Chalices and Living Host in the world.–Eucharist

Living in the comfort of the Sacred Heart

Lourdes Pinto – June 10, 2021

The PATH teaches us how to unite our sufferings to the Cross, thus drawing us to share more intimately in the sufferings of the Sacred Heart. It is here where we receive the warmth of His comfort and come to know His love. Then our darkness is unveiled as we are purified through our sufferings and become the sweet aroma of Christ that comforts those around us.


Living these decisive times as One with Christ

Father Jordi Rivero – May 27, 2021

The Lord teaches us to be attentive to the signs of the times and His formation, then live as One with Him the tribulation.


In the Unity of the Trinity

Lourdes Pinto – May 20, 2021

The Father and I are ONE; the Father in Me, and I in Him with the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn 17). The union of the Trinity is pure love. I came upon the earth to draw you into union with the Most Holy Trinity through the Cross


Holy Spirit fullness comes with the Mystical Incarnation

Lourdes Pinto – May 13, 2021

Saint Steven's words to his persecutors help us discover our own resistance to the Spirit and the need to circumcise our hearts.

The Holy Spirit at Work in the Shake-ups of Our Lives

Lourdes Pinto  & Fr. Jordi Rivero  – May 5, 2021

The shake-ups are opportunities to allow the Spirit to set us free and give us a new life. Originally given to priests, this reflection applies to all.  

–Part I 

–Part II

You Always Resist the Holy Spirit

Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Jordi Rivero – April 22, 2021

Saint Steven's words to his persecutors help us discover our own resistance to the Spirit and the need to circumcise our hearts.


The Great Deception

Fr. Ron Sciera – April 20, 2021, text only

Jesus gave us the Gospel for our salvation. Beware of the government's false gospel of salvation. 


Calm Dignity Amidst Great Adversity

Lourdes Pinto – April 16, 2021

Jesus’ calm dignity amidst horrific persecution reveals Divine Love. When the Holy Spirit transforms us in Christ crucified, we testify to Christ and give God glory through our calm dignity amidst great adversity. This teaching is based on a recent prophetic message given by Jesus to the LC community. 

What it Takes to Remain and Persevere

Fr. Jordi Rivero – January 28, 2021

Jesus reveals the Kingdom of God by revealing His heart, but only those who remain as disciples through trials and, ultimately, the cross, and are willing to renounce their expectations can receive the radical novelty of the Kingdom.



Christ's Crusade of Victim Souls Vs Satan's New World Order – Do Not Be Afraid

The time has come!  The principalities of darkness are consuming the world. Only through the power of the Cross can we, as His victim souls, battle against this new world order of destruction. We must be formed to perfection in love; purified, blessed, broken, and given as His Living Host so we can live in the joy and peace of His Divine Love and be His light in the present darkness. We must believe He is making all things new!

–Part I

Lourdes Pinto  – November 19, 2020  –Text & audio

–Part II

Lourdes Pinto  – December 10, 2020  –Text & audio

–Part III –Fear No Longer Had a Hold on Them

Lourdes Pinto  – January 7, 2021  –Text & audio

Fear, doubt, and anxiety grow in this time of darkness and turmoil in the Church and in the world. Scripture and messages of Our Lord tell us, “Do not fear.” But how are we to move beyond fear? Our Lord has been preparing us to confront and conquer our fears by keeping focused on His gaze and not the chaos around us. He challenges us to enter in deep silence into the intense suffering around us to be perfected in love. For perfect love drives out fear!

–Part IV –Fear No Longer Had a Hold on Them – II

Lourdes Pinto  – January 14, 2021  –Text & audio

"Who will remain faithful during the great and terrible persecution.


The Pope & Remaining in the Bark

Jordi RIvero – November 5, 2020  –Text & audio

Remaining with Peter in the storm. Jesus gave Peter the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though Jesus had to rebuke him, he confirmed his call. We need to remain with Peter in bark even if we are troubled by some of his statements.

The Blood of Christ United With His Martyrs of Love Will Save the World

Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero –October 22, 2020 –Text & audio

Christ's Blood is the gift of Himself, which contains the power of His love, yet it has been trampled on. The world offers Satan more innocent blood. We are called to unite the blood of the martyrs with the Lord's, to be ONE with Christ, our Spouse, to shed tears of pure love with Him. This is the power that casts out evil and propitiates a New Pentecost for the salvation of the world.

Warn and Awaken My People

–Part I

Lourdes Pinto –September 24, 2020

United to Jesus in His groans, we speak the truth in love.

–Part II

Lourdes Pinto – October 15, 2020

Eucharistic Reign

Lourdes Pinto –September 10, 2020

Our vocation is to adore Eucharistic Jesus. The growth of evil is due to our indifference toward the Eucharist.

Power of Intercession

—3 Parts

Lourdes Pinto, July - Aug 2020

The Lord is forming us in our Love Crucified mission to be His “pure Intercessors of love” before the throne of God. We are His warriors of love who hold the power to aid in the protection & salvation of many souls. This power is Christ: the Sword of the Spirit.

Sword of the Spirit

—2 Parts

Lourdes Pinto & Jordi Rivero – August 1,  2020

How to battle.

Pray Unceasingly; The Battle Has Begun

Lourdes Pinto  – June 25, 2020

Prepare your hearts and souls in deep prayer, silence, and in the love of pure suffering, for the time of God’s justice is at hand.

Preparation in the Spirit of John the Baptist – The Illumination

Lourdes Pinto  – June 25, 2020

We are called to be prophets preparing others to receive the illumination of the Holy Spirit, but we must allow the Lord to prepare us.

Labor of Love

Lourdes Pinto  – May 28, 2020.   

In this talk, we come to understand the importance of preparing ourselves to embrace and even come to desire, the tribulations of our lives as opportunities to grow in deeper union with the love of the Most Holy Trinity.  As Christ's desolations on the Cross brought forth the great fruit of salvation, like a woman in labor pains, we, too, in our desolations,  can bring forth the joy of new life. The union of sorrows draws us into the union of love!

Covenant in Love Crucified Community

Lourdes Pinto  – May 7, 2020

What is a covenant and its application to our community

Divine Mercy Message has an Expiration Date  YouTube 📺

Fr. Ron Sciera – April 18, 2020  

Jesus gave us an urgent message through St. Faustina: Those who do not enter His mercy will enter His justice. Do not delay!

Receive My Tears

Lourdes Pinto  – March 26, 2020

This reflection draws us to enter the deep sorrow and “tears” the Lord sheds, not just for all humanity, but for “me” personally. He invites us to receive His tears as a gift that will draw us to pure, heartfelt repentance for our sins. He pleads for us to remain with Him, to collect His tears and present them as ONE to the Father, for our salvation and that of the whole world.


His Living Tabernacles in the World –as St. Joseph

Lourdes Pinto  – March 19, 2020

At a time when many churches throughout the world are being closed, the Lord is forming and preparing us to be His living hosts in the world. He desires our homes and families to become His sanctuaries, where He is adored and glorified so that His presence can be truly alive in our hearts and in the world. As St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother, let us live united to the Will of the Father, in hidden prayer and deep silence as God's pure victims of love to pierce the darkness that surrounds us with the Light of Christ!

Stations of the Cross Lived with Jesus

Lourdes Pinto  – February 27, 2020

Let us enter this season of Lent as a time of mourning, as a time to delve into a deep purification of heart and sincere repentance before God. Only by coming to know our true misery, can we begin to be transformed more perfectly in Love. Let us not just pray the Stations of the Cross, but like Mary, live the Stations as ONE with Jesus, in His agony, His cry, His silence, and in His humility.

Loving With Christ Restores Manhood and Womanhood

Lourdes Pinto  – February 13, 2020

Based on her teaching, "Tenderness in Mercy" (Oct. 5, 2017). Our authentic manhood and womanhood are restored as we begin to live #88 from the Simple Path, in which Jesus teaches us to love as He loves.



Book of Revelation 8: "Pure Incense"

Lourdes Pinto  & Fr Jordi Rivero – November 14 & 21, 2019

"Pure incense " is the prayer of the saints. In God, it has power.

Book of Revelation 14: "First Fruits"

Lourdes Pinto & Fr Jordi Rivero – November 21, 2019

"First Fruits": Those who remain faithful in trials and prepare the way of Christ for others.

Testimony: The Power of the Hidden Force

Juan Carlos y Lilian  – November, 2019

Misery Draws Mercy

Lourdes Pinto – October 17, 2019

Through the life of St Faustina, Lourdes explains how the light of God wants to reveal to us our misery so that through this knowledge, we can enter His mercy. When we come face-to-face with our misery, we begin to live totally dependent on God, and the fruit of this grace is freedom and joy.

Divine Mercy: Essence of the Simple Path

Lourdes Pinto – September 19, 2019


Trust: Will Jesus be Impressed with Yours?

Fr. Ron Sciera – September 13, 2019

Through examples of personal experience, Fr. Ron Sciera asserts that, as we grow in the knowledge of God's mercy, so we must grow in trust, knowing that He is with us in all situations and will bring good out of our worst trials if we trust Him. Trust is essential to become a victim of merciful love.

Hypocrisy in Me? –Purity of Intention

—Part –I

Lourdes Pinto – June 11, 2019

—Part –II

Lourdes Pinto – June 11, 2019

In these talks, Lourdes Pinto reflects on a homily by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, “Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they Shall see God”, by exploring our tendency of hypocrisy. She calls us to recognize how our attitudes, words, and actions are often motivated by our desire for recognition, our need to make a good impression, and please others. The weapon against our hypocrisy begins by being attentive to our hearts and acknowledging every incident of our own hypocrisy. Only then can we begin the process of humbly correcting our heart's intentions.

Most Precious Blood


Lourdes Pinto – May 30, 2019

Receiving the Blood of Christ as victims of love, we become ONE with Him.


Lourdes Pinto – June 6, 2019


Lourdes Pinto – June 13, 2019

Holy Spirit Reveals Jesus

Jordi Rivero – May 23, 2019



Lourdes Pinto – April 4, 2019  –text & audio.

Our Present Situation

Jordi Rivero – March 14, 2019

Prayer of pure Suffering – my testimony

Hector Ramos – January 24, 2019

Hector, a member of Love Crucified, has been paraplegic for 18 years —he tells us these are the most blessed years of his life as they have brought them to be one with Jesus.

Are you God's Masterpiece?

Fr. Ron Sciera – January 17, 2019

Father reminds us that God uses our suffering and difficult life experiences to heal us and draw us to Himself.

Docility to the Holy Spirit

Fr. Jordi Rivero – January 10, 2019



Proximity, a Revolution of Tenderness

Lourdes Pinto – December 13, 2018

"I see clearly that the thing the Church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity. I see the Church as a field hospital after battle." —Pope Francis

Book of Revelation: Prepare for the Battle and the Eucharistic Reign

Lourdes Pinto – November 27, 2018

The Book of Revelation helps us to see how living The Simple Path to Union with God is the preparation to be ONE with Christ, among the “144,000” saints –the holy remnant of victim souls, sealed with the power of the Cross to proclaim the glory of God’s plan, conquer Satan and usher in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus and the New Pentecost for the Church.

Poverty, Rich Young Man

Lourdes Pinto – October 18, 2018

The Lord's words to "sell what you have and give to the poor" must be discerned by each person with the Spirit of total transparency before God wanting to truly know the "one thing that I personally lack." The spirit of poverty is allowing God to strip us interiorly of our desires, expectations, plans, attachments, securities, and consolations in order to be emptied so that we can be filled with Christ.  Related to Chapter 5-D in the Simple Path

St. Paul: We are Saved by Faith

Fr. Ron Sciera – October 11, 2018

In this teaching, Fr. Ron takes St. Paul's letter to the Galatians and Romans to explain his identity and mission to profess Christ Crucified to the Gentiles. Our faith and transformation come not from the law, but from Christ Crucified, received by the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. This message is one central to our identity and mission in Love Crucified Like Paul, we strive to become ONE with Christ Crucified..."no longer I who live but Christ who lives in Me" (Galatians 2:20).

Crisis of Faith, What Is It About?

Fr. Jordi Rivero – September 27, 2018

Storm in the Church

—Part I

Lourdes Pinto – September 13, 2018

We are now living a storm within our Catholic Church. We need to live it in the same way we have learned to live the storms in our personal lives. How do we know when to stay quiet and when to confront?

—Part II

Lourdes Pinto – September 20, 2018

Jesus has brought to light the darkness in the Church so that she can overcome Satan's power of darkness and hiddenness. Now, there is an opportunity for repentance so that conversion, healing, and transformation can take place. In order to bring to life the darkness in others, we first must be committed to bringing to the light the darkness within ourselves.

Victim According to the Spirituality of Love Crucified

Lourdes Pinto – August 23, 2018​

The vocation to be a victim soul is a total oblation to the Father in Christ. It is not based on how much we suffer. There are persons who suffer much and do not have the call to Love Crucified. This vocation is lived and confirmed by living the Simple Path to Union with God.

Crisis of Faith and Scandals

Fr. Jordi Rivero – August 9, 2018

How are we to respond to all the scandals, turmoil, despair, and crisis of faith we see around us? We are called to look at the crucified and united to His sacrifice of love, bring comfort, healing, and salvation to those He places before us.

Faith; Do I Believe?

—Part I

Lourdes Pinto – July 19, 2018

God loves us and His mission so much that He desires to make our faith PERFECT. For our mission to be ESTABLISHED firmly, each of us MUST BELIEVE what the Lord has said to us. Our FAITH must be witnessed in the way we live the storms, piercings, and thorns in our flesh. If any of us continue to believe with our minds, but not in the way we act in our daily lives, then our mission and community will not be firm.

Related to Chapter 5-F in the Simple Path

—Part II

Lourdes Pinto – July 26, 2018

What to do when we enter a storm (trials, challenges...). This is the process to go from our suffering to self-knowledge, to repentance, to more perfect faith.

Related to Chapter 5-F in the Simple Path.

—Part III

Lourdes Pinto – August 16, 2018

Through the interior work of the heart in silence, our painful relationships enter into the embrace of God and become redemptive.

Related to Chapter 5-B in the Simple Path.

Mustard Seed

Lourdes Pinto – June 21, 2018

Like the tiny mustard seed, the Host appears a small and insignificant piece of bread, yet contains God Almighty. Our Lord calls us His little "mustard seeds." This expression contains a great mystery for us and contains the manner in which we will be transformed into God's Living Host.


Trust Inspired by the Annunciation

Fr. Jordi Rivero – April 12, 2018

The Annunciation teaches us how God relates to us and what it means to truly trust Him. Jesus is asking us to respond like Mary, to partake in His love, as co-redeemers, to save many through the power of our hidden lives, united as One with Him. The creator of the universe begs each of us to bring his love and salvation to many.

In the World but not of the World

Lourdes Pinto – March 1, 2018  –Text & audio.

The Lord tells us: "I need souls who receive the brokenness of other souls and suffer for them as one with me solely for love, souls immersed in the darkness of this world to fight as my soldiers of light...these are my hidden victim souls in the world living through Me, with Me, and in Me. "

Solomon's Unfaithfulness

Lourdes Pinto – February 8, 2018

Like Solomon, we, too, run the risk of going astray, becoming proud, and being unfaithful to the Lord. Unless we fight against disordered attachments and hardened hearts, and live in the knowledge that without God's love and mercy, we too are capable of great sin.

Perseverance Through Love of the Cross

Fr. Jordi Rivero – February 2, 2018  –text only

The only way to holiness is perseverance through the love of the Cross, as St. Cyril of Jerusalem instructs us. "Even in a time of persecution, let the Cross be your joy."

Knowing Self and Others in Christ & Satan's Strategy

Lourdes Pinto – January 18, 2018

The Holy Spirit reveals to us who we have become that we are not. Who we truly are in Christ begins to blossom through this revelation.



Remain with Me, Learning from the Joyful Mysteries

Lourdes Pinto – December 21, 2017

Tenderness in Mercy

Lourdes Pinto – October 5, 2017

Christ receives our wounds and bears them upon His Body to heal us with His tenderness in mercy and asks us to do the same.

Mount your Horses Through the Storm

Lourdes Pinto – September 21, 2017

We mount our horses by recognizing and embracing each "storm" or piercing in our lives as a great grace and believe that our hidden lives lived with great courage and zeal can defeat the darkness through the power of our silence.

Canaanite Woman's, Faith

Lourdes Pinto – August 10, 2017

Called to combat - mount horses; the contrast between the response of the Israelites (book of Numbers) and the Canaanite woman of Mt. 15:21-28.

Steadfast in the Truth we have Received

Lourdes Pinto – July 30, 2017

We are His HERALDS OF HOPE, never of doom!!! Please remember to always see the darkness taking place in the world in light of who we are and our mission, and transmit this MESSAGE OF HOPE to all!!

Eucharist Series

—Part I – The Love of God is the Eucharist

Lourdes Pinto – June 22, 2017 –text & audio

—Part II – The Love of God is the Eucharist Part II

Lourdes  Pinto &  Aimee DeGrange – June 29, 2017 –text

—Part III – Participation in the Eucharistic Life of Jesus/Living Host

Lourdes Pinto – July 13, 2017 –text & audio

—Part IV – Participation in the Groans of Jesus

Lourdes Pinto – July 20, 2017  –text & audio

Holy Spirit Received by Victim Souls – Become Living Hosts

Lourdes Pinto – June 15, 2017 –text only

Living Chalices

Lourdes Pinto – April 20, 2017 –audio

Before a Chalice can carry the blood of Christ, it must be purified and consecrated. We, too, must be purified and healed of the wounds we carry, if we are to be One with His blood and become Living Chalices, his vessels of mercy, love, and healing to others.


Lourdes Pinto – April 20, 2017 –audio

Gratitude is the opposite of resentment. How do we get rid of the hidden resentments hidden in our hearts?

Salted with Fire, Mark 9

Lourdes Pinto and Fr Ron Sciera – January 27, 2017  –audio

The Simple Path brings us into the Sacred Heart to be consumed in the fire of the Holy Spirit. This fire purifies us so that we become the image and likeness of God.  

Pure Suffering

Lourdes Pinto – January 12, 2017  –text & audio

The Lord calls us to receive as He did the wombs, brokenness, and oppression of humanity so that we can radiate His light in the darkness. "Only Love radiates the light of God...Love receives her. wounds and bears them upon His body."

This teaching leads us through the steps to fruitful suffering:

1. Thank God, 2. Accept, 3. Suffer with Christ, 4. Intercede.

Missionaries of the Cross; identity

Lourdes Pinto — January 5, 2017 –audio


Violence of Sorrows

—Part I

Lourdes Pinto – July 28, 2016 –audio

—Part II

Lourdes Pinto – August 4, 2016 –audio

Faith, to Become the Sword of the Spirit

Lourdes Pinto - May 19, 2016   –text & audio.


Cana; New Relationships Between Men and Women

Lourdes Pinto – February 12, 2015  –text & audio.



Love Casts Out Fear

Lourdes Pinto – January 8, 2014  –text & audio

2012 or earlier

Sword of the Sufferer
—Part I

Lourdes Pinto – 2011

—Part II

Lourdes Pinto – 2011

—Part III

Lourdes Pinto – 2011

The Cross is the Treasure/Spiritual Motherhood

Lourdes Pinto, 2011

Mary accompanies Jesus to the Cross and becomes one heart with Him in His sacrifice of love. Mary desires to bring each soul to the Cross to be transformed into Love. The feminine heart has the capacity to love passionately and to sacrifice. This feminine force is at the heart of spiritual motherhood.


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