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See the Heart (Immaculate Heart of Mary) that has loved Me and her tears shed for love of Me and you (humanity). This Heart (Mary's) being revealed to you is the Heart of a victim soul. Receive each thorn I present to you as a gift more precious than jewels, as My Mother has done. Cry tears of love (tears of blood) for Zion…
A time is drawing very near when the sounds you hear will be of wailing and terror. … But know that My Bride (Church) is being cleansed through the justice of God, My Precious Blood and the Tears of My Mother as ONE with the tears of all My victims of love. 

Are you willing, My little ones, to allow your hearts to be pierced as ONE with My Mother’s for the cleansing of My priesthood and the salvation of many? Do not grow stubborn, but persevere in love by suffering all as ONE with My Pierced Sacred Heart and the pierced Immaculate Heart. 
Encourage one another as My martyrs of love, for the battle is fierce. My little ones, know that the crown of glory awaits you.  Do not grow weary as My martyrs of love, but be strong and steadfast in the power of God as ONE with the Word of the Cross. —
10/20/11, Simple Path #76 p.223.

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