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Viviana 03092024a.jpg
Viviana 03092024b.jpg
Viviana 03092024f.jpg

Viviana Bautista, March 09th

Cáliz Madres
Viviana 03092024c.jpg
Viviana 03092024e_edited.jpg
Viviana 03092024d.jpg
Viviana 03092024g.jpg

Celebrating with her Children, Father Jordi and Lourdes



Maria Fernanda 03092024a.jpg
Maria Fernanda 03092024b.jpg

Maria Fernanda Alarcon, March 09th

Cáliz Madres
Maria Fernanda 03092024d.jpg
Maria Fernanda 03092024f.jpg
Maria Fernanda 03092024e.jpg
Maria Fernanda 03092024g.jpg

Celebrating with Lourdes, Macu, her husband and her daughters



Jaime José Sánchez, March 09th

Jaime 03092024a.jpg
Jaime 03092024b.jpg
Escudo Misioneros
Jaime 03092024c.jpg
Jaime 03092024d.jpg
Jaime 03092024e.jpg

Mothers and Missionary of the Cross who made their covenant in Colombia in 2024 and the Council of LC

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