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Entering the Heart of Jesus: The Path to Unity

Lourdes Pinto – 2012

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Note: This text are supplemental notes, not a complete transcription of the audio.  

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It is amazing for us to contemplate that Jesus was walking the face of the earth redeeming us through His love in suffering while He lived the ordinary life. On the outside He labored and smiled and nobody knew, nor saw His sacrifice of love, except His Mother, who participated with Him in this hidden martyrdom.


 "Through the external cross which all can see, I was a victim acceptable to the Father by shedding My blood, but is was above all through the interior cross that Redemption was accomplished" -Conchita  Diary, 9/7/1896


Words from Jesus to Blessed Conchita:(p 123)


"I wish that above all, there be honored the interior sufferings of My Heart, sufferings undergone from My Incarnation to the Cross and which are mystically prolonged in My Eucharist. These sufferings are still unsuspected by the world. Nonetheless I declare to you that, from the first moment of my Incarnation, the Cross already planted in My Heart, overburdened Me and the thorns penetrated it. The blow struck by the lance might have been some solace causing to gush from My Side a volcano of love and of suffering but I did not consent to that until after My death. I only receive ingratitude. That is why My Heart overflowing with tenderness will ever feel the thorns of the Cross. In heaven, as God, I cannot suffer. To find this Cross which above did not exist, I descended into this world and became man. As God-Man, I could suffer infinitely to pay the price of the salvation of so many souls. During my life, I never desired anything except the Cross, and ever the Cross, wanting to show the world that which is the sole wealth and happiness on earth, the currency which will buy an eternal happiness.

"I only remained on the Cross of Calvary for three hours, but on the interior Cross of My Heart, my whole life. The monasteries (Oasis) will venerate both of them but especially my Interior Cross which symbolizes these pains and these inner sufferings, so incomprehensible, which constantly oppress my soul. These sufferings remained hidden during My life. I smiled, I labored. Only My Mother was aware of this martyrdom which crushed My loving Heart. My external Passion lasted but a few hours. It was like a gentle dew, a comfort for the other Passion, terribly cruel, which tortured ceaselessly My soul!" (Diary, Sept. 25, 1894).




It is perseverance in living the ordinary of your state in life, in love for Me, that you are perfected in many virtues. The ordinary duties of motherhood have been greatly attacked by satan  because they are so pleasing to the Father, and when lived in My crucified love, as Mary did, possess the power of God to aid in the sanctification and salvation of many souls. This is why your formation began in the most ordinary of your state in life as a mother (the gentle touch, kiss, blessing, making chocolate milk...).

It is here living the details of the most ordinary that you began to grow in greater love. Living the details of the ordinary became your prayer of blessing and honor to your God. It is in the most ordinary and hidden life that a soul encounters the face of God. I disguise Myself in what the world sees as tedious. That is why all the Mothers of the Cross have begun to encounter Me in The laundry, cleaning, cooking, nursing...


The tasks of ordinary motherhood are precious to the Father because they are the heart-beat of the domestic church. Now you know why satan has done so much to attack motherhood. Through the restoration of motherhood I will strengthen the domestic church, aid in the healing of fatherhood, and bring restoration to My universal Church.





This spirituality of suffering out of love for Me is not understood even within My Church. Yet here lies the power of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. More grace is obtained for the world through the hidden life of suffering in love than the public life… Live the hidden life to perfection in Me and in the Heart of My Mother.



This mystery of redemption is at the heart of the Gospel message and at the heart of being Mothers and Missionaries of the Cross. The Word of the Cross is the power of God. It is precisely through our hidden and ordinary lives united to Jesus crucified that our lives possess the power of God. 


It is not so much what we do as far as prayer cenacles, presentations or apostolates but how well we become Mothers & Missionaries of the Cross that will bear the greatest fruit for our beloved Mother Church.


Carrying Our Cross

Blessed Angela of Foligno


Extreme suffering…accompanied the soul of Christ; for his holy soul, united with his body to his divinity, was filled with highest wisdom.  He became, all in an instant, both a pilgrim on life’s way, and one who comprehended what that way entailed.  Already in the womb of his mother, his holy soul began to feel the most extreme suffering as perfect reparation to God, and this not for his own faults but for the faults of humanity.  For Christ saw, felt, knew, and understood, together and separately, all the torments and each one in detail which he would have to endure, soul and body, with deep-felt pain.


The holy soul of Christ knew beforehand each of the knife-like tongues, that is, each of the sharp words which would cut him up in the future.  Christ knew when, how, by whom, and where he would be attacked.  He knew and saw how he, as man, was to be betrayed, sold, arrested, abandoned, renounced, bound, derided, beaten, whipped, judged, condemned as a thief, led to a cross, stripped, crucified, put to death, blasphemed, pierced by a lance which opened a wound in his holy side.  He also knew beforehand all the hammer blows and all the nail wounds.  His holy soul knew in itself and had before itself all the sufferings, the groans, the wailing, and the pain-filled lamentations of his Mother.  It is thus the whole life of Christ was accompanied by continual sufferings. 

How will the unhappy soul , which only wishes to receive consolations in this world go to him, who is the way of suffering? In truth, the soul perfectly enamored of Christ, its beloved, would not wish to have any other bed or state in this world than the one he had.  I believe that even Mary, watching her beloved son lamenting and dying on the cross, did not ask of him then to experience sweetness but rather suffering.  It is in a soul the sign of very weak love to want from Christ, the Beloved, anything in this world but suffering.  It should certainly be possible for the soul to understand that a good master is more pleased by the services of a poor servant who serves him faithfully out of love, without pay or benefits, than the services of someone rich, who receives good wages everyday and serves in the hope of receiving special benefits.  Similarly, if a soul, fattened on the great sweetness of its experience and taste of God, runs lovingly toward him, it does not have as much merit as the one who runs to God and serves him with an equal and similar love, but without consolation and in a state of continual suffering. 



Mothers of the Cross

The MOC are the joy in heaven. They are the most pure servants of the Father. It is through the hidden life of the MOC that My army of holy priests will be raised up. These spiritual mothers will live the tears and sorrows of their hearts united as one with My Mother of Sorrows. It is My Mother’s sorrows that continue to shower grace upon the world, and as My MOC unite as one with My Mother, the shower will become a living torrent of grace. Therefore, each MOC must be perfected in living her hidden ordinary life with all its trials, sorrows, exhaustion…. with pure love and in this way she will find her joy; the joy of knowing that she is participating in the hidden sorrows of My Mother for the salvation of many souls. Allow My Mother to form each of you, My daughters. It is Rosa Mystica that wants to form your gentle hearts. Mary reveals the sorrows of her pierced heart that continue to remain hidden and the roses of prayer, sacrifice and penance. You must imitate Mary in this way. Your lives will become the sweet fragrance of prayer and your sacrifices and penances will be lived in the most ordinary of your duties as women. Your lives as My victims of love will go unnoticed by the world but seen by the eyes of the Father. He will use your hidden lives of love to humble the proud. Know that you are My consolation.



True motherhood is a vocation of hidden martyrdom, reflecting the perfect motherhood of our Blessed Mother. Here lies the “hidden power” of spiritual motherhood.  It is this hidden martyrdom, united to Mary, that will raise up God’s army of holy priests for the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the new Pentecost!!


The *Eucharist holds the power of the hidden life


Spirit and the Bride say Come!, pg 72

The Angel of Fatima summed up her message in these words: “pray! Pray a great deal!… Offer up prayers and sacrifices to the Most High… Make everything you do a sacrifice, and offer it as an act of reparation for the sins by which he is offered and in supplication for the conversion of sinners… Above all, accept and bear with submission the sufferings sent you by Our Lord.” And  in his next apparition he revealed how to make these sacrifices and prayers effective: by offering them in union with the Eucharistic Sacrifice.


Ibid pg 86
It seems that the Eucharist is the focal point of the spiritual battle for unity. Here the forces of Satan seem to work the hardest to prevent the celebration of a united Eucharist. For our Eucharist to be united and so effective, we need to yield to the Spirit, even as the gifts of bread and wine might be said to yield to the Holy Spirit and so become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since they offer no resistance to the Spirit, they become what they signify. If we offer no resistance to the Spirit week to become the Body of Christ.

Ibid Pg 87
It is in this yielding by our total consecration that we live out the “Totus Tuus” of self sacrifice. It is in sacrifice that we  most effectively repent of self-concern and the sin of disunity and give ourselves for the sake of the kingdom. It is in union with the sacrifice of Jesus that our intercession becomes united with his and so effective.



Trust and place all your confidence in the power of the hidden life being revealed to you now in My Eucharistic presence. I am the power of the hidden life. I want to possess you with My hidden life, which is the Eucharist, transforming you into living hosts. This transformation will take place as you live your hidden and interior life united to My interior crucifixion, suffering all with Me and in Me. In this way, the power of the hidden force will intensify with the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Feast of Corpus Christi


Most people partake of My Body and Blood but few desire to participate in My Body and Blood (The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ? (1 Cor.10:16) In order to become One Body in Me you must respond to participate in living in My Body and Blood. In the Eucharist I give of Myself fully to you and you partake, meaning you receive Me, but then you must respond to this gift of Love by giving of yourself to Me. You must give Me of your blood in sacrifice and your body, which is your will. In the Eucharist I Am the Victim of Love. In order for you to become ONE BODY, ONE BLOOD in Me you must respond to become My victim of love, victim united as ONE to The Victim. What is required of My creature is her response, her "fiat", then the power of My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, brings about this perfect union. It is at the foot of the Cross with My Mother that you receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit from My pierced side. It is He who will lead you through the narrow path of My Cross to perfect union in Me. (The perfect narrow path from the feet of Jesus crucified to His kiss)



(6/16/11) Words placed in my heart from our Blessed Mother.

A time is coming, and it is very near, in which life as you know it will cease to exist. You will experience hunger and much suffering. It is during this time that my reign will come, and through me, the power of the Holy Spirit will set the world on fire like you have never known.

It is my army of victim souls that I am preparing for these decisive times, for it is their hidden lives, as One with my Eucharistic Son, that are being given the power form heaven to defeat Satan and all his principalities and raise My Son’s cohort of holy priests to usher in my reign.


You have been given a mission from the Father and you will give birth to the Missionaries of the Cross, through the hidden force of love of the Mothers of the Cross, to help raise this holy cohort. Continue to live all we tell you and to suffer all with Jesus as I do and all will take place in your lives according to the Will of the Father.




Invoking the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, let us ask that each time we participate in the Eucharist we will also become witnesses to that charity which responds to evil with good (cf. Rom 12:51), offering ourselves as a living host to the one who lovingly gave himself up for our sake. -Benedict XVI, homily, Havana Cuba, 3/28/12


Living hosts, hidden force

My daughter, I am alive and present in the world in My Eucharist. But My living presence takes on human form in My living hosts. When I become alive in you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, it is no longer you but I who lives and takes My being in you. I am able to speak through your lips; My voice becomes audible through you; My hands touch and heal through your hands... I move outside the Tabernacle through you, thus reaching out to the four corners of the world. The power of God is spread through My living hosts and new life is given to many through My living chalices of My most precious Blood. You must proclaim from the housetops what you hear Me whisper in your heart (Mat. 10:27). This is My hidden force that will sweep through the world and holds the power of God.


Hugh Owen in the book, “New and Divine” The Holiness of the Third Christian Millennium, explains the expression “Living Host”:


Living Host - a person who performs his or her actions in eternity, together with Jesus, under the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. When a soul abandons herself to the Will of the Father through the Holy Spirit and shares in the eternally- present sufferings of Jesus, she becomes a "living host". (p.38)


In their writings, Venerable Conchita and Archbishop Martinez refer to a similar state as the "Mystical Incarnation" and compare it to the state of a priest at the moment of the consecration during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Archbishop Martinez observed that the sacrament of Holy Orders unites a priest to Jesus in such a way that, at the moment of the consecration, Jesus - in the priest - changes the substance of bread and wine into Himself by the power of the Holy Spirit. But "total transformation" into "living host" required something more. It required that a human being - priest, religious, or lay - make the "marvelous exchange" of his independent human will for the Divine Will by allowing the Holy Spirt to unite him to Jesus in all of his acts. (39)

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