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Teachings of the Love Crucified Community




Contemplation at the Foot of the Cross and Healing

Lourdes Pinto –October 23, 2021 

Lourdes explains contemplation, how to enter it at the foot of the Cross and the process of healing our wounds  She gave this talk to the Third Order of the Contemplatives of St. Joseph. 

Virtue of Poverty

Part –I

Lourdes Pinto –February 11, 2021

Poverty brings forth chastity, and chastity brings forth obedience, which is the essence of Love. 

Part –II

Lourdes Pinto –February 18, 2021

Growth in true poverty must involve both the works of mercy and the purification and emptying of our hearts. This reflection focuses, through the Gospel of Mathew 6:1-18, on the difficult process of the purification of our desires and the hypocrisy which lies hidden in all of us.

Part –III 

Lilián Giraldo testimony –February 25, 2021

Meditating on the homily of the Holy Father, Lilián concludes:

I found the Holy Spirit telling the whole Church what the Lord has been teaching us through the Simple Path and through the cenacles, week after week. This led me to ask myself a series of questions taken from the same text of the homily, with which the Lord confronted my heart to start this Lent ... I am sure that each one can ask many more questions.

Part –IV 

Fr. Jordi Rivero & Lourdes Pinto –March 17, 2021

"The Holy Spirit can renew the evangelical ideal of poverty in the Church by infusing a love for poverty. More precisely: by infusing Christ’s love for poverty." –Card. R. Cantalamessa

Part –V 

Fr. Jordi Rivero & Lourdes Pinto –March 24, 2021

"Follow the naked Christ in nakedness" –The Imitation of Christ

Part –VI 

Fr. Jordi Rivero & Lourdes Pinto –March 28, 2021

The poverty of persecution is upon us.




LC Encounter 2020 – First Nail of Our Interior Crucifixion

Audio and videos – 5 teachings  

Lourdes Pinto and Fr. Jordi Rivero

Humility, discover disordered desires, grow as image and likeness of God, desire only the Cross.


Final Confrontation 

Fr. Ron Sciera – March 15, 2020

A reflection on the pandemic




Seminarians on the Life in the Holy Spirit

Fr. Ron Sciera | July 2019


Spiritual Motherhood for Priests

Lourdes Pinto | January 2019

Given to priests and consecrated in Germany

Lenten Mission 3 talks

Fr. Ron Sciera – March 2019

Holy Family parish, Luling La. 




LC Encounter 2017 - Living in the Holy Spirit

Open Our Hearts to the Holy Spirit

Lourdes Pinto | March 2017

Cross / New Life / Love Crucified Mission

Lourdes Pinto | 2017

Anger & Resentment

Lourdes Pinto | 2017 –text & audio

Abba Father's Embrace

Lourdes Pinto | 2017

Becoming One with the Father as Victim Souls

Lourdes Pinto | 2017



Mexico Pilgrimage - December 2016​

See a visual presentation of our experience 🔗

Consecrated to Live the Cross

Lourdes Pinto | December 2016 –audio

Consecration to Mary in the L.C. Community is a necessary preparation for Calvary and then for Pentecost. We are being prepared to participate with Mary in the battle by living as victim souls to propitiate a new Pentecost. 

Mary Immaculate Conception

Fr. Jordi Rivero| December 8, 2016 –audio

ll are called to be immaculate, all pure: All in God so that He radiates in us without any resistance. Mary was Immaculate from conception, we become immaculate by responding to grace throughout our life. This is why Jesus came. 

John the Baptist

Fr. Jordi Rivero| December 8, 2016 –audio

Faith, even when we do not understand.

Identity: Know Who You Are

Lourdes Pinto | December 8, 2016 –text & audio

Adam and Eve fell because they had not embraced their identity in relation with God and with each other. Our perseverance in the Church, in our relationships and community requires that we know who we are and are willing to fight for it...

Surrender to the Holy Spirit

Fr. Ron Sciera | December 2016 –audio


Divine Mercy Retreat, 2016

How to Enter God’s Mercy

Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero | 2016 –audio.

Self-Knowledge / Repentance/ Divine Mercy Seeks Priests

Lourdes Pinto | 2016

Jesus’  Wounds Radiate His Mercy

Lourdes Pinto | 2016


Lourdes Pinto | 2016

Eucharist: The Hidden Life

Lourdes Pinto | 2016


Present Situation and God's Plan

Fr. Jordi Rivero | May 2014

Retreat to Women of Regnum Christi​ 2014

Interior Martyrdom

Lourdes Pinto | January 25, 2014​

Martyrdom of the Heart Through the Ordinary & Hidden Life

Lourdes Pinto | January 25, 2014​

Eucharist: The Hidden Force

Lourdes Pinto | January 25, 2014​

Spiritual Motherhood

Lourdes Pinto | January 25, 2014

Spiritual Motherhood

Mariah Hickein | May 2014


Rome Retreat to Legionaries and RC 2013

Suffer With

Lourdes Pinto

At the Foot of the Cross

Lourdes Pinto & Fr. Jordi Rivero

His Army of Priests

Lourdes Pinto

Interior Martyrdom

Lourdes Pinto


LC Encounter 2012

Victim Soul

Fr. Jordi Rivero | 2012

Mary brings us to the Foot of the Cross

Lourdes Pinto | 2012

"Suffer with Him,” Entering the Pierced Side of Jesus

Lourdes Pinto | 2012

Hidden Ordinary Life

Lourdes Pinto | 2012

Entering the Sacred Heart – Unity

Lourdes Pinto | 2012


Fr. Jordi Rivero | 2012

Regnum Christi
Rome Retreat
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